U-18 players started Training Sessions in Zenica

January 6, 2020 11:15 AM


The U-18 players, candidates for junior team, gathered in the FF Bosnia-Herzegovina Training Centre today.

Head coach Slaven Musa said before the first training session:

“This is a gathering of the junior team candidates, the players born in 2002. We’ll be here until 6th January. Regardless of January, we had a good weather in Zenica. We will test the guys and see who we can count on. All the invited players arrived except Edon Pruti from Burnley, and instead of him, Salih Husić from Sarajevo received the invitation. This is a gathering of players who have not been invited to any national team before. We are expanding our base to see if any of them can help us in the future. We will also be watching their club games and this is their great opportunity.”

It is planned that players will do 7 training sessions by 6th January.



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