Is Bosnia-Herzegovina ready for Security Challenge after Return of ISIL Fighters?


Jasmin Ahic, a professor at the Faculty of Criminology and Security Studies in Sarajevo, explained for Vijesti.ba news portal that in the past three years, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) country has shown that it can adequately respond to these security challenges. “This is evidenced by all the indicators and results of the work primarily of the security system, but also of the prosecutor’s offices and courts,” Ahic explained.

He emphasizes that no incident has been reported so far, let alone a misdemeanor or criminal offense by returnees from foreign fronts in the past three years.

Referring to the group deported to BiH on Thursday, Ahic points out that the only difference from earlier situations is that they are of a much larger number and has men, women and children in it.

“This is a characteristic that makes protocol and process segments more specific in this case, but also the attention of security agencies, the public and the media coverage is greater,” the professor said.

Ahic is categorical – no segment of BiH’s anti-terrorism and coalition activities in the fight against terrorism has been assessed as weak, ranging from legislation to mechanisms by police and intelligence agencies.

When it comes to women and children returning from Syria, Ahic stresses the need to distinguish between two groups – women who were indoctrinated, went to foreign fronts and those who were eventually forced to leave.

“The question is the timing and duration of the procedures – the psychological-social, health and educational part – how they will be treated or what the treatment will be. These two processes will go simultaneously. I think they will integrate into their families over a period of time and that as a society and the state we will offer assistance to children and women in reintegrating into BiH society,” Ahic concluded.



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