Record Debt of State-owned Enterprises in BiH!


There are more than 550 state-owned enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which employ 80,000 workers in all sectors of the economy, BHRT reports.

These companies, according to the latest International Monetary Fund reporting on the situation in this area, owe eight billion BAM, of which 3.5 billion is tax debt.

The average wage in state-owned enterprises is higher than in most countries in the region, but also by about 40 percent than in the private sector in the country. State-owned enterprises are generally in poor financial condition.

The debt, which is produced by state-owned enterprises in the amount of eight billion BAM, also exceeds the country’s foreign debt, which gives a catastrophic picture of the situation, economic analysts said. The IMF estimates that substantial changes in state-owned enterprises could increase Gross Domestic Product by 3 percent annually.

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