15,184 Cases of Coronavirus Infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina



According to the review of the epidemiological situation, submitted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to date, 15,184 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in BiH, and 157,586 people have been tested.

A total of 458 patients died, while the number of recovered was 9,156.

Of that, 5,867 cases were confirmed in Republika Srpska entity, 56,280 were tested, 208 people died, and 3,496 patients recovered.

In the Federation of BiH, the infection was confirmed in 9,072 people out of 98,927 tested, 235 died, while 5,566 patients recovered.

Data for the Brcko District of BiH show 245 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, 2,379 tested, 15 deceased and 94 recovered patients.

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