1,500 Migrants leaving Camp Lipa, no one knows where they will be accommodated​

Migrants from the Lipa camp should be relocated today because the closure of this camp has been announced.

Namely, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) twice announced, and postponed, the closure of the Lipa migrant camp near Bihac.

During the weekend, information emerged that 1,500 migrants should be relocated to the Bira camp, however, judging by the words of the mayor of Bihac, Suhret Fazlic, this will not happen.

”There is no chance that we will allow migrants to transfer to Bira. I and the citizens are against that. People who are here know that it is an obstacle to a normal life. You cannot live if 2,000 migrants are in a two-square-kilometer zone,” points out the mayor of Bihać, Šuhret Fazlić, Avaz writes.

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