150 Families still live in Alternative Accomodation in Vlasenica

In Vlasenica, 150 families still live in some form of alternative accommodation after the war. For 28 families, the construction, ie reconstruction of housing facilities has begun. It is a state project within the Regional Housing Program.

Slobodan Tomic fled Olovo to Vlasenica in 1993, and began building the house in 2007. Due to lack of finances, he lives as a tenant.

Pensioner Divka Kicic lives in Kladanj with her daughter. After several failed attempts, he now believes he will move into a new house by the end of the year.

Thirty houses will be built from foundation to roof, and fifteen houses will be reconstructed. It is a project from 2012, and 9 years later the realization began. The target group is internally displaced persons and returnees.

150 families in the municipality of Vlasenica are waiting to solve the housing issue, and with each new project, they are getting closer to a permanent solution to this problem.

The total value of the project is 825,000 BAM, and the completion of works is expected in the next eight months.

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