15 Trucks of Humanitarian Aid for Syria departed from BiH

Thousands of refugees are leaving war-torn Syria every day. They are looking for peace for their families. A large number of refugees are located in camps and tent settlements on the Syrian-Turkish border. A new convoy of humanitarian aid for these people yesterday departed from BiH.

Fifteen trucks with humanitarian aid departed for Syria. They contained flour, oil, pasta, and hygienic products for Syrian refugees. The Islamic Community in BiH organized the two-week long humanitarian campaign of collecting this help.

Enes Ljevakovic, the Mufti of Sarajevo, said: “We have shown our solidarity with the people of Syria who are experiencing difficult period for many years. Their situation is similar to ours back in the 1990’s, and we know how it feels like to be a refugee and leave your home. The winter is approaching, and we are hoping that this humanitarian aid will be useful to that people, especially for a large number of children, women, and wounded patients, who live in tents, and in very difficult conditions.”

This is the fifth convoy from BiH that went to the Syrian-Turkish border. A total of 1280 tons of humanitarian aid was collected through previous humanitarian campaigns.

(Source: N1)


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