145 kilometers of a Highway to be completed by 2021?

corridorWith the plan of construction is foreseen to have six large construction sites on Corridor 5-C during 2017, and the total investment will amount to more than two billion BAM and it should be the most ambitious investment project on the Corridor 5-C so far,” said Director of PE Highways of the FBiH, Adnan Terzic.

According to him, the plan is to complete 145 kilometers of highway in 2021, 24.5 km of fast roads and to start with the construction of 36 kilometers of the highway.

Terzic noted that they will start the first phase of construction of the fast road Lasva-Nevic Polje-Travnik on summer. It is almost 24 kilometers long section, and the value of the investment is estimated at around 183 million EUR.

When it comes to Zenica region, according to him, two sites are currently under the construction, Klopce – Drivusa and Donja Gracanica (tunnel Pecuj) – Klopce, in the length of 8 kilometers with a completion dates by the end of September 2017 and December 2018. Both of these sub-sections are part of the so-called “Zenica bypass” and on its entire length works are done under extremely complex geological field conditions, the most difficult ones on the Corridor 5-C, which makes it difficult and considerably slows down the work.

According to him, the acceleration of the construction of Corridor 5-C depends on a new approach to infrastructure projects of the Government of FBiH, which is an idea from February 2016. This is mostly referring to the construction of tunnel Prenj and the section Mostar North- Mostar South.

“This year we will finish section Svilaj – Odzak. Contractors are Euroasfalt and Strabag and according to the contract, the second phase of the project should start in March, but since the ratification of the approved funds is not completed, it will be operational in August. However, we are willing to pay in advance to the contractors, just to start with works on time, and in the agreement with the EBRD, we will refund these funds later,” added Terzic.

Construction of the section Mostar North – Mostar South, as well as tunnel Prenj, added the director of the PE Highways of FBiH, should start in spring 2018.

Terzic said that revenues from excise duties for 2016 amounted to 76,100,015 BAM and from tolls 31,628,819 BAM.


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