Numerous Women and Girls in Mostar donated Hair to Children suffering from Cancer

October 1, 2018 10:00 AM

Lots of the love and compassion, along with their hair, were donated by numerous women and girls from Mostar. Hair donation was organized in Mepas Mall, where, mainly children, sent a message that donating a hair is a positive act that is of a tremendous importance to children who have cancer.

A spokeswoman for the entire project, Atifa Buldic Mesic, said that the previous hair donation actions were successful, and the same was the case in Mostar.

“Many people arrived here to donate their hair, we are very proud of the fact that some seventy percent of our donors are children, and we are proud of the parents of these children, how they raised their children,” said Mesic.

A lot of material for making 23 wigs was collected in the previous hair donation activities, which were organized within the project “My hair – your hair” by the Association Heart for Children with Cancer.

The support of good people in donations of hair was not missing again this time, and the public action of haircut and hair donation in Mostar, was very successful. A large number of adults and children came to participate in creating at least one more smile on the face of the children dealing with cancer.

After the donation in Mostar, more wigs will be made, which will make more children happy, surprised and satisfied.

“Once again, I would like to thank our fellow citizens who came here and gave their support to the project ‘My hair – your hair’ and gave their time and part of themselves with the aim to make someone happy,” said one of the parents.

It is important to note that the Association gives wigs to children free of charge and thus helps them return their self-confidence, reduces the trauma of hair loss to a minimum, and returns them the most important thing they lost – a smile.

All of the previous actions were very successful as well, and the number of donors almost reached 1000 with all the individual donations that came to the address of the Association.



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