Tuzla Pannonica Lakes opened the Doors to first Swimmers

The process of filling the third lake of the complex salt lakes Pannonica in Tuzla with technological water have started, and since high temperatures are announced for June, ‘’Tuzla sea” expects its first swimmers in about two days.

Every year Pannonica offers something new to its visitors, and this year, for the first time it will be night time activities which means more fun – from DJ parties, concerts and performances of various bands, to sports and recreational activities.

Salt lakes complex is located on 7.5 acres, and daily receives about 18 thousand guests. Since the sports and recreation center opened in 2003, about 2.7 million guests visited Pannonica.

PannonicaPannonian lakes are man-made salty lakes in Tuzla. The first lake was created in 2003, the second in 2009 and the third in 2012. Within the complex of Pannonian lakes, you can find Dwelling Neolithic settlement, sports fields, salty waterfalls, children’s parks, about 12 restaurants and many other facilities.

The lakes are located in the center of Tuzla, only few hundred meters away from the main square.

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