133 million BAM collected from Excise Duties in Four Months

June 7, 2018 10:00 AM

On the special account of the Central Bank of BiH was collected a total of 133 million BAM in the period from February 1, when the new set of laws on excise duties came into force, and the end of May, as confirmed from the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) BiH.

These are funds collected on the basis of allocating 0.25 BAM per liter of fuel, which are subsequently divided between entities, i.e. entity enterprises that are responsible for the construction and maintenance of highways and roads. The amount is accumulating, but the Board of Directors of ITA BiH has not made a decision on coefficients for the allocation of these funds to users.

The Board of Directors of ITA BiH did not manage to agree on the allocation of this money for nine years, and they keep making temporary decisions. With these temporary decisions, the money was distributed in the way that 59 % of the amount was allocated to the FBiH, 39 % to the RS, and 2 % to Brcko District. According to the opinion of Managing Board from the FBiH, this way is unfair and harmful for this entity and they refused to accept these coefficients. Since there is no agreement on this issue, the money will stay on the special account of the Central Bank of BiH.

“The fact that over 20 % of the total assets is collected in the territory of the RS, and according to the allocation it should be much more. It is simply not an acceptable mechanism,” said professor at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, Muris Cicic.

The import of fuels in BiH is also indicative, i.e. imports by entities. According to the data of the Agency for Statistics of BiH, a fuel in the amount of 199.336.881 BAM was imported in our country in the period from February to April this year. At the same time, data from the Federal Bureau of Statistics shows that 192.296.000 BAM worth fuel was imported in the FBiH, which is more than 96 % of total imported fuel in BiH.

The funds will be accumulated on the special account until the coefficients for their allocation are finally determined.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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