Alma Mujanovic never let the Deafness to separate Her from other People

“Blindness separates people from things, deafness separates people from people,” said Hellen Keller, an American writer who was both blind and deaf.

However, 23-year-old Alma Mujanovic from Sarajevo never let the deafness to separate her from the other people, thanks to her heart full of love, life and hope.

Although she was born with hearing impairment of more than 94 %, she never considered it as a health problem, but a disadvantage that taught her to live her life to the fullest. She did not allow deafness to stop her from doing things that she really likes and enjoys.

This student of the Faculty of Healthcare Studies in Sarajevo is very active in several NGO’s that are dealing with human rights, especially the rights of minority populations and persons with disabilities, she is traveling to numerous seminars, trainings, courses, young people exchange programs, she is also dealing with sports… Moreover, she writes articles for several news portals, she attends the IT Academy where she is learning about graphic design and multimedia, and she really enjoys photography. However, the most fascinating fact for many is that this girl, who has hearing problems, is playing musical instruments without any difficulties, and she is also engaged in acting.

“I started playing music in the first grade of primary school when my teacher Amina Pilav proposed to my mom that I play in the school performance. I was surprised that I could play, but I realised that I can achieve great results only trough practicing. After the piano, I also practiced the accordion, but I stopped playing because of my other obligations. Music was something that filled me in a different way, that filled my soul and my heart. It really had a special effect on me, because people with hearing impairment do not listen to music, but they feel it with all of their senses, whole body, heart and soul,” said Alma.

Alma is very grateful to her parents for their great support.

“Without their great support and desire for my and my sister’s success, I would not be in Sarajevo, and I definitely would not be the person who visited numerous European countries,  who is always full of energy and life. I would not be this unique, and unrepeateble Alma. Alma that fights for inclusion, Alma who wakes up every morning and says to herself that this day must be useful. Alma who never gives up, no matter what happens. You have to be brave and strong enough to be that persistent,” stated Alma and added:

”I still see myself as an eternal traveler. Traveling is what makes me feel even more accepted and proud of myself because I am not passive, I do not give up on my goals. I want to live my life and to be filled with optimism and hope every day in order to realize my dreams, and many things go better if you just work hard to change them, as well as if you do not say that you cannot do it, because everything can be achieved when there is a strong will.”

This energetic young girl sees herself in ten years in a position where she will stand firm, strong, determined and ready for all kinds of new moves and steps.

“I see myself as a role-model for many young people to live their life without any borders and to do whatever they like and desire, with the aim to become a better person. And to be persistent, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what happens,” concluded Alma Mujanovic.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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