122 Years: An old Electric Tram on the Streets of Sarajevo

tram nostalgijaThe first electric tram had two doors and it could accommodate a total of 24 passengers. These trams had separate wagons for smokers and non-smokers, and even, at the beginning, there were separate wagons for men and women. Drivers and conductors had rules for dressing and hygiene.

The route of the electric tram was going from the railway station, which was located near nowadays hotel “Bristol” to the Latin bridge. Vehicles that were used were produced by the company “Siemens-Sohukert” and these were the first trams produced in their factories.

The increasing number of travelers required significant changes in the transport so, instead of every 15 minutes, trams were departing every 10 minutes from the starting station. The tram line was extended to the Town Hall on the 1st of December 1897, and less than a year later, another tram line was started that went over today’s Tito Street to the Cathedral. In 1923, the Coast (of Miljacka River) and Titova Street were linked by rails over Baščaršija, and behind tobacco factory was built a new depot.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Transportation of the Sarajevo Canton and the Cantonal Public Utility Company Gras, and the tram drove on the shortest Sarajevo route number 1, from the Railway station to Baščaršija.

“This tram car is used for celebrations, for the day of Gras and the days of the Sarajevo Canton. Two years ago, this tram operated every day between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. and between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., but we do not know if that will be the case this year. I can say that the citizens are satisfied and surprised with the appearance of this tram, because for many of them this is the first time to see it on the streets,” said the tram driver Salih Mašmić.

This is an electric tram which started operating on the historical May 1, 1895, thus marking the beginning of modern public transportation in the capital of BiH.

Every year, KJKP Gras puts replica of the first electric tram on rails for citizens and tourists to briefly return to the past and experience the spirit of that time. Moreover, Sarajevo is one of the first cities in Europe which had the tram at that time.



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