Holidays particularly inspire People with noble Thoughts and encourage them to do good Deeds

bajramPresident of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the entities in BiH, Milorad Dodik, sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of Bayram to reisu-l-ulema, head of the Islamic Community in BiH and to all believers of Islamic faith in RS and BiH.

“I want you to spend the holidays in peace, joy and good health with your families, friends and all people of good will.

Holidays particularly inspire people with noble thoughts and encourage them to do good deeds and to promote messages of solidarity, tolerance and mutual respect.

Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Mladen Ivanic congratulated Bayram to the Reisu-l-ulama of the Islamic Community in BiH Husein Kavazovic and to all Muslims living in BiH.

“Bayram is a special joy for all true believers and a symbol of family gatherings. I am convinced that holidays will initiate people to tolerance and understanding, with the goal of a peaceful and prosperous life. I congratulate you, with sincere wishes to spend holidays in good health and family happiness” is stated by the Chairman Ivanic.



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