120 Million BAM for Projects in Bosnia-Herzegovina to be unblocked soon


Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija met with Federation of BiH’s prime minister and Republika Srpska prime inister Fadil Novalic and Radovan Viskovic in the BiH Parliament building in Sarajevo, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

The meeting discussed the allocation of indirect tax revenues and funds held in the accounts of Elektroprenos BiH.

After the meeting, the prime ministers addressed the media.

“We did not discuss the agenda because this was our first, I would say, consultative meeting,” Zoran Tegeltija told during the media conference.

Tegeltija pointed out that the protection of domestic producers will be one of the priorities in the future.

Novalic said that at the meeting they had agreed to unblock 120 of the 180 million BAM that had been accumulated in Elektroprenos BiH’s account. RS Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic said he was pleased with this meeting because prime ministers have agreed positions on most issues, which should be to the benefit of all BiH citizens.

“In my opinion, it is very important to protect domestic production. I wondered in the past whether we can protect domestic products. We are the third country in the world for meat imports, which is incredible for such a small country to import more meat from many larger countries in the region. It turns out that our citizens only eat meat, which is not true. It’s about protecting foreign lobbies. That needs to be changed, “Viskovic said.

He said there had been close solutions between entity governments regarding VAT refunds.



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