12 New Raspberry Plantations soon in Celinac

raspberriesMunicipality of Celinac recognized the raspberry growing as its development chance and job of the future, and joined successful municipalities thanks to the United Nations Development Program (UNDAP) in BiH that approved the co-financing of the project – Forming of the value chain in the raspberry production at the area of municipality Celinac.

The project will be implemented during 18 months and realization of project activities starts in June 2015. Completion of the project activities is planned for October 2016.

“The project envisages building of 12 new raspberry plantations of individual size of 0.1 ha in municipality Celinac, and project will provide: testing of users’ soil, planting material, irrigation system and purchase of products. End users are required to provide wire and pillars for abidance of raspberries as well as to prepare soil for planting“, said Brankovic.

Brankovic said that the Public call, according to signed agreement, will be published in June 2015 while planting will be done in October 2015.

Financiers of the project are UNDP with the amount of 25.000 BAM, Municipality of Celinac with 15.000 and end users with 1.870 BAM. Total worth of the project is 41.870 BAM.




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