12 Meter tall Cross to be placed near Sokolac?

The preparation of the foundation for setting the 12 meters tall cross and foundation of the future church, with the blessing of the Mitropolitan of Dabrobossnian Hrizostom, started in the vicinity of the future weekend settlement Vidrici near Sokolac, as announced by one of the donors and director of the company “Putevi” Zvornik, Milan Stanojevic.

According to him, the construction of this monument will be finalized by mid-December, and the act of official revelation of the cross will be attended by His Highness Mitropolitan Hrizostom.

Stanojevic stated that a small church will be built near the cross in Vidrici, on the model of the church that is located in Mecavnik.

He also noted that the idea for this project was done by Novica Motika, a painter and architect from Zvornik.

The construction of a weekend settlement was started in October in the village Vidrici, which is located around 3 kilometers from Sokolac, near the main road Sarajevo-Zvornik, in which were built three-weekend houses that will be equipped in ethnic style, and the construction will be continued in the spring, according to Stanojevic.

One of the initiators of the construction of a weekend resort and memorial cross in Vidrici, Milan Jolovic Legenda, stated that the amount of about 14,000 BAM will be needed for the construction of the cross in Vidrici, and that the Association Romanija will allocate part of the funds in the amount of about 8,000 BAM.

(Source: klix.ba)


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