12.2 million BAM for Civil Aviation Agencies in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Late last year, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) took full control of much of the sky in our country.

Now, according to a statement, civil aviation agencies will receive 12.2 million BAM more on route fees this year than in 2019. Decision on allocation of revenues generated from the provision of air navigation services in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s airspace for 2020, which should soon be brought before the Council of Ministers of BiH, based on the determined amounts in the base of the enroute costs of BiH, to the Agency for the provision of services in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s (BHANSA) airline will receive 67.9 million BAM this year, while last year it received ‘only’ 57 million BAM.

These funds are allocated by Eurocontrol. In addition to BHANSA, about two million BAM will come from the route fee, when it comes to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The grandiose celebration when Bosnia and Herzegovina’s has taken control over its airspace at the Radobolja summer residence in Mostar on December 6th cost almost 300,000 BAM!

During the evening, when our country took control of its own sky, politicians in BiH, besides gastronomic delicacies and fireworks, could also enjoy performances, among others, by Halid Beslic, Nina Badric, Aleksandra Radovic and Ana Rucner, and the program was directed by the popular Tarik Filipovic, Klix.banews portal reports.

On the request to the Agency for the provision of air navigation services (BHANSA) how much did the ceremony cost in the prestigious space of the Radobolja mansion, a reply stated that a public procurement procedure was conducted to the event. The estimated value of the public procurement was 300,000 BAM and the most favorable bidder was D.D. Marketing d.o.o. Mostar with an offer of 299.350 BAM.

“This is a great day for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a state,” said Davorin Primorac, Director of BHANSA.

“In a relatively short period of time, we, as the youngest European Agency for the provision of air navigation services, have created technical, personnel and all other preconditions for ourselves to fully control the air traffic over the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.“

Primorac also stated that BHANSA currently provides services up to the flight level of 325 or 10,000 meters:

“In that part of the airspace, 20 percent of the total air traffic is taking place, i.e only 200 aircrafts are moving,” Primorac said, adding that Bosnia and Herzegovina will now control up to 1,600 aircraft overflights through the skies of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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