Students collected Money for their Peers in Need

studentsStudents attending the Medical School Bjelave in Sarajevo, who started the “Ekskurzija 2017″ campaign in early February, have managed to raise money by their work and other activities and to pay their peers who in state of need and cannot do it for themselves.

The students collected 20.000 BAM and with that money will pay the excursion for their 40 peers, one of the initiators of this humanitarian action, Dzenan Hodzic, said.

“The municipalities fulfilled their promise, and we have one more obligation to do for the Municipality Center and we have finished with everything. In September, we will travel to Vienna, Prague and Budapest,” added Hodzic.

The students are excited. They themselves did not believe that the humanitarian action would have such an echo. They have touched the hearts of many people, owners of private companies and directors of state comapnies and institutions who have offered them temporary jobs to earn the money needed. The action was supported by the Almir M & Tribun band, which held a concert at the Youth Center, and donated the money from the sold tickets to the students.

Students have cleared the Ambassadors’ Alley, the Miljacke riverbed and worked in Klas company. They showed that young people can do much, only if there is a good will and enough heart.

(Source: klix)

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