Domestic Koteks to produce special Vests for Police and Military

sipaKoteks, a successful company from city of Tesanj, is the recognized name in the field of supply of equipment for the police in BiH and the region. The company is currently in cooperation with a Dutch partner in developing a new model of ballistic vests to be designed for the domestic and foreign markets.

“The vest will be used in ranks of the security forces, special police and military units. Namely, in cooperation with a partner, we decided to create a new model that will protect people who are daily confronted with terrorist threats around the world” said Hamza Hotić, director of production company Koteks.

New co-operation is only the continuation of the success of Koteks who already satisfied the requirements of STANAG 2920 for ballistic-demining vest.

Moreover, Hotić added that the company is currently building the first ballistic laboratories in BiH which will in future enable more quality production of ballistic equipment.

To recall, products of Koteks are manufactured according to military standards and specially designed components, which are recognized by the police and military services in BiH and in the region.

(Source: ekapija)

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