FM Johnson met with Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić

boris johnsonForeign Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson met with yesterday with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdić together with the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Vjekoslav Bevanda. On the meeting, interlocutors spoke about the current economic and political situation in BiH and the UK.

Zvizdić thanked for their support on the Euro-Atlantic integration of BiH and said that he is confident that the UK will continue to support the reform processes in BiH on its path towards the EU.

Moreover, he added that he highly values the idea of a British-German initiative and believes that it will bring to the realization of candidate status for membership of BiH in the European Union.

Chairman Zvizdić and Minister Johnson assessed that bilateral relations between BiH and the United Kingdom are good and that they can be improved. They talked and economic cooperation between the two countries and agreed that there is great potential for further improvement, especially in the economic exchange.

Johnson said that the United Kingdom is fully committed to the prosperity and stability of the Western Balkans and emphasized that UK will not leave Europe and that will be fully committed to peace and stability of the region. Moreover, he added that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains in focus of foreign policy priorities of the United Kingdom.

Chairman Zvizdić welcomed a conference on the Western Balkans which will be held in London next year.

The meeting was attended by the ambassador of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to BiH Edward Ferguson.



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