Klas has produced more than 7 Million Tons of Food!

klas4(5)From its establishment until this day, the company Klas and its predecessor have produced more than seven million tons of food, was said during the presentation of the activities with which Klas will mark 115 years of existence.

“In the past 115 years, Klas experienced ups and downs. This anniversary is an obligation and an honor, and is also a responsibility and pride. It is the obligation to our loyal customers, and towards all those who participated in the construction of Klas. We should not forget the fact that the building and creating of Klas was attended by almost half of Europe – experts from Germany, Austria, Turkey, Greece,” said Nihad Imširović, director of Klas.

On the occasion of this anniversary Klas will offer a range of new features to its faithful customers.

“We are planning to launch 20 new products, to make a breakthrough into new markets and most importantly, we plan to give back to all our employees what they have invested in Klas, but in an appropriate and satisfactory manner. What we constantly stress is the advantage of having workers without whom there would be no Klas today,” added Imširović.

The launch of the Turkish delight (Rahat lokum), the world famous candy – Macarons, imitated editions of the Bosnian lokum, box with traditional motifs and old paintings of Paromlin, Tahan halva which is planned to complete redesign and a limited edition of Golden powder flour (Zlatni puder flour) in a box, are all planned.

Despite the turbulent historical turmoil, manufacturing plants of Klas  have constantly evolved and survived and they are the leading manufacturer in the baking industry in BiH, together with other members of the food division of AS Group.

Key benefits of Klas are tradition, quality, experience, certifications of ISO, HACCP and Halal and more than 960 employees.

Klas has fulfilled its primary role in the aggression on BiH from 1992 to 1995, and helped population of besieged Sarajevo to survive and produced more than 150 million pieces of bread. Regardless of the war and direct hits on its plants, Klas did not stop the production which resulted in a direct damage of more than nine million euros.

(Source: faktor)

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