Ministry of Internal Affairs to form a Police for control of Highways?

New_vehicles_for_policeMinistry of Internal affairs of FBiH is considering the option of taking the control of traffic in the areas of the highways.

Due to the fact that highway in the FBiH is within the competence of Federal Ministry and the FbiH entity, the Ministry of the Internal affairs is considering the option of forming a special, traffic police, whose jurisdiction would be solely on the highway.

“For this proposition, we have received the request by the JP Highways Federation, with the aim to try to influence the decrease in the number of accidents that occur on the highways. Given that the current jurisdiction of the police agencies, often it happens that a car accident happens at a certain section of the highway, and then there are overlaps and confusions between the cantonal police forces,” said the Minister of Interior Aljosa Campara.

He added that this agenda is not yet ready for consideration, but that they will analyze it.

To recall, the police reform at the state level was a unsuccessful attempt and the neither the “April package” nor many attempts by senior representatives of the international community in BiH, such as attempts by Christian Schwarz Schilling and Miroslav Lajcak did not solve the issue of police reform.

After numerous negotiations, the agreement agreed 10 years ago, achieved by Haris Silajdzic and Milorad Dodik, and is still in force.

If the adoption of the Federal Ministry of the Interior on the establishment of the traffic police gets adopted, it will be the first significant change in the field of police structures in the last 10 years.

(Source: klix)

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