Specimens from BiH in the “Safe for the Doomsday”

trezor norway plantsPlant seeds from BiH entered into modern Noah’s ark, or “Safe for doomsday”, which is located in Norway.

It is the safe “Svalbard Global Seed Vault” in which there are a large number of specimens of plants collected around the world in order to survive in the event of a nuclear disaster or an infectious disease.

In 2008, the Treasury is open on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, and now it got additional 50,000 specimens of plants, including the ones from BiH, but also from Benin, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, the USA, Mexico, Belarus and the Great Britain.

Safe now contains nearly a million copies and is the world’s largest collection of agricultural biodiversity and the preparation and transportation of new quantities of seed is organized by the Crop Trust.

Even in there would be a power failure, the Treasury would have remained frozen and secured at least 200 years.

“Together, the nations that sent the collection of seeds make up more than a quarter of the world’s population,” said Marie Haga, the Executive Director of Crop Trust.

“Today’s introduction of new deposits in the treasury shows that, despite the political and economic differences, a collective effort to conserve the diversity of plants and ensure a supply of food in the future remain strong,” added Haga.

(Source: BiznisInfo)

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