107 million BAM to be allocated for Capital Investments in the FBiH

At the session of the Government of the FBiH was concluded that a total of 107 million BAM should be allocated for capital investments from the surplus in the amount of 112 million BAM that was realized in the last year.

Minister of Finances of the FBiH Jelka Milicevic said that the Government can be proud of its preference for capital investments.

“We had a report on the execution of the budget at the last session, and we established the surplus in the current business operations for the year of 2017 and the surplus for the Government of FBiH in that year amounted to 112 million BAM. The government made a conclusion to direct a total of 107 million BAM to road infrastructure, i.e. for the support of the construction of highways and fast roads. We also made the amendments to the budget for 2018 at this session. This means that we would have an increase in the distribution of capital investments of 43 % and those investments from the planned 250 million BAM would be increased to 356 million BAM,” said Milicevic.

She noted that this is the first time after a long time that the surplus is immediately reallocated to capital investments.

Minister of Labour and Social Policy of the FBiH stated that the government adopted the information of the Federal Institute of Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO) on the increase of pensions in the month of May by 3.5 %, which represents the so-called advance compliance of pensions. He also added that there is a possibility for an increase of the lowest pensions this year.

“There has been an increase in the collection of contributions from the Institute of Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO), which is encouraging. There is a serious intention of the Government of FBiH to increase the minimum pensions. This is the main stand of the Government of the FBiH and we will work on this,” stated Drljaca.






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