105-year-old Granny Sejda: Loneliness is worse than Hunger

February 29, 2016 8:00 PM

12784609_1116109031773385_1631473014_nSejda Zahirović from the village Vijesolići near Breza is 105 years old and she remembers better times very well. She never had a TV or radio. She has been living alone for 35 years now, but her neighbors visit her and take care of her.

Her body is slowly giving away, but her memory still serves well. Sejda is 105 years old, or at least that is what she remembers. She has no memory of her parents, who made her marry at a young age. She survived three wars, but is afraid of loneliness and wind.

“I am the oldest here, as well as my house. Loneliness is worse than hunger. Have you seen these winds, God forbid, and when it thunders, I am afraid of it,” Sejda says.

She used to do all the chores while she was able to. When she became a widow, it all changed. She has been living alone for 35 years now. Only the old house remained the same, together with an old walnut tree, window bars and straw-filled pillows, crocheted and embroidered – all her handiworks.

Sejda never had a TV or radio. As she says, she prefers talking to herself. Although isolated from the outer world, she does not like these times. Youth is disobedient, the elderly hated by everyone, she complains.

Granny Sejda is rarely alone. Her neighbor Dišija visits her every day. All children in the village love her. She receives no pension, so everyone helps her as much as they can. One girl from the village, Anida, lived with her until she got married. That is when Sejda was the happiest.

“She visits me even today. She has a baby girl. I was so happy with her,” Sejda says.

Although her life was not easy, Sejda says she still lived nice. Leaning on her stick, she escorts the visitors and smiles. Her vivid spirit keeps her alive.

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