More than 1,000 Ivans gathered and set a new Guinness World Record

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the song “My Ivan” by Frano Anici from Kupres, 1,000 Ivans today gathered on Kupres Field and, therefore, broke the Guinness record for the largest gathering of people with that name in one place.

This first gathering of Ivans in our country organized the association “Kupreski kosci,” headed by Matko Curkovic. The original goal was the gather 1,000 Ivans in one place, but many more registered and showed up today in Kupres.

Curkovic said how they want to show to the world that Kupres isn’t dead. Many acquaintances, friends, cousins, fellow citizens and Ivans from all over Europe and the world will enjoy today in various forms of entertainment in Kupres.

More than 1,000 Ivans today around noon gathered on Kupres Field and the Guinness record was officially broken when they were all lined up on the stadium in Kupres.

At the main square in Kupres, a historic photograph of the Ivans will be taken. Afterwards, a cultural-artistic program is prepared, in which Mate Bulic, the folklore group “HKD Napredak,” CS “Kupreski momci,” the band “Versi,” Bruno Bakovic, Miko Svenda – Ziga, the bank “Deram,” Drazem Zanko and, lastly, Marko Perkovic Thompson will all preform.

(Source: Klix.ba/ photo kamenjar)


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