100 Migrants left the Refugee Center in Salakovac despite good Conditions

The number of migrants in the Refugee Center Salakovac is still declining, but those who stayed there have better living conditions. This is primarily a merit of the staff of the Center, the Red Cross, as well as the citizens who help with their donations.

“We are counting them, but their number is smaller than it was before. Everything else is under the control, the situation in the Center is good, and we are all working and doing our best to help these people. Numerous citizens contacted us, they are ready to help. I believe that the people staying here have everything they need, ” said Edin Denjo, the head of the Refugee Center in Salakovac.

Alen Kajtaz, secretary of the Red Cross of the City of Mostar, stated that there were about 160 migrants on the lunch that day. That number is almost half the size of the number of people who were placed in Salakovac about ten days ago.

“If we look at the humanitarian aspect and the situation in the Center itself, we can say that it was significantly stabilized. We are having everything under control. Our colleagues in Bihac are in similar situation, but they need more help because they receive new groups every day,” said Kajtaz.

The Appeal of the Red Cross to citizens to donate food and hygiene goods is still current.

“We are not collecting clothes and shoes anymore, because people brought a lot of them, and now we need to sort all of that,” said Alen.

Kajtaz also added that there is the medical team of the Red Cross in the Refugee Center Salakovac as well.

To recall, 269 migrants arrived at the Refugee Center in Salakovac, and there are 160 of them now.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)






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