10 000 Participants Expected at This Year’s ”Peace March”

peace marchThe second meeting of the organizing subcommittee, ”Peace March 2015” Nezuk-Potočari, was held today. This year’s ”Peace March”, which is held to mark the anniversary of the genocide against Bosniaks in Srebrenica and its surrounding areas, will be held from the 8th of July to the 10th.

The president of the subcommittee, Muhizin Omerović, also attended the meeting. He pointed out that preparations for this year’s march are proceeding according to plan, and about 10,000 participants are expected to attend.

“The subcommittee has already undertaken some activities, and we will continue working. The only possibility of a change is related to weather conditions. We are all witnesses of last year’s floods, and we also had a problem with two bridges that had to be fixed in the short term so that the “Peace March” could take place last year. Hopefully, this year we will not have these problems”, said Omerović after the meeting.

peace marchHe explained that all who wish to participate in this year’s “Peace March” need to apply via the website “www.marsmira.org”. On that page, both individuals and groups, who are planning to take part in the march, can apply.

Mujo Zimić, a member of the subcommittee in charge of the march which starts from Žepa, said that preparations are in progress, and that this is still an early stage. “For all of those who wish to participate in the Žepa-Srebrenica march, please sign up to make it easier for the organization. You can register in several ways: via Facebook, by phone, or in-person with the members of the subcommittee who are from Žepa”, said Zimić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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