1.500 Migrants are outside the Camps, the Authorities from Krajina are again asking for Help

Members of the Operational Group for Coordination of Activities and Monitoring of the Migrant Situation in Una-Sana Canton (USC) confirmed that the increased influx of migrants and refugees to that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is repeated.

Reception camps in Bihac, Velika Kladusa, and Cazin can accommodate up to 2.500 people, so currently a large number of people stay in public areas and abandoned facilities without any control.

“Currently, we have about 1.500 migrants on the streets and in abandoned buildings, which represents a big safety and health-epidemiological issue for us. That is why we asked for help from the competent state institutions once again since the capacities of all the local reception camps have been filled or have long been exceeded. For instance, it is predicted that 700 people will be accommodated in Miral center, but currently, about 950 of them are staying there, ” told the Minister of the Interior of the USC, Nermin Kljajic.

Once again, an appeal was sent for the opening of reception camps outside the USC area, more precisely the relocation of people who cannot be adequately cared for in Bihac and Velika Kladusa.

“We need help, given that all accommodation capacities are full, and we are witnessing the daily arrival and increased movement of migrants and refugees. A solution must be found for a large number of people on the streets or at least for this surplus in Miral center. We will have to strengthen control and thus reduce the number of people accommodated in this center of Velika Kladusa if we want to control the security and epidemiological situation “, Cantonal Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic said.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the inspectors of the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Supervision, in cooperation with the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the USC, will from now on implement an intensified control of renting private accommodation to persons who are staying illegally in the state or canton.

Due to the observance of health-epidemiological measures and recommendations, a decision was made on strict control of movement and reduced exit of migrants and refugees who are accommodated in the temporary reception centers such as “Borici” in Bihac and “Sedra” in Cazin, Klix.ba writes.


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