1.5 Million EUR worth Tender for Electronic Data Exchange soon?

mekticThe Government of the RS requested from the Council of Ministers of BiH to withdraw the Proposal of Regulation on Industrial Safety from the agenda, since they consider that by-law cannot be prescribed the competencies of the state security body and they requested from the Ministry of Security of BiH to harmonize the Proposal of Regulation on Industrial Safety with the Law on Protection of Secret Data.

Minister of Security in BiH in the Council of Ministers of BiH Dragan Mektic stated that the Government of the RS has nothing to do with the Regulation on Industrial Safety since it exclusively belongs under the competences of the Council of Ministers of BiH.

He noted that this regulation is necessary because the great damage was caused to our companies so far, since they receive certificates and accreditations based on this regulation, in order to be able to work on confidential projects.

“We are calling on tenders for confidential projects, and our companies cannot participate because they do not have needed certificates. On the other hand, we have companies from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia that apply for these projects in BiH. And our companies cannot apply neither in BiH nor out there because they do not have the necessary certificates for confidential projects,” said Minister Mektic.

He announced a tender worth a million and a half EUR for the electronic exchange of data of encrypted secret data systems that will be issued very soon.

He said that these are from European funds and that his interest is exclusively the support to domestic companies.

(Source: akta.ba)

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