Zvekir, a new Smartphone Accessory from BiH!

Smartphone holders are a popular addition to our dear mini-computers, which we do not use all day. In addition to a large number of versions, there is another – one from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), which is reflected by the spirit of the past.

It is about Zvekir, an idea of ​​the head of the N1 television, Minela Jasar-Opardi, which will soon become a popular product from a guarded idea with the partnership of her husband.

The advance promotion of its popularity is justified due to the extraordinary interest in the Zvekir. Namely, assistance in the realization of the idea was provided by the successful BiH company Bekto Precisa and reactions to the product are more than positive.

“We plan to make it in copper and black, as well as bigger version for tablets. I would like everyone who puts it to act on social networks with the tag #pozvekiriti so we can show that a modern gadget can be equally beautiful in a traditional edition with a very strong symbolism of our homeland,” Jasar-Opardija told Klix.ba.

The first pieces will be available in Abu Dhabi as well as via the Internet. In addition to ordinary citizens, interest was expressed by companies and state institutions that recognized the Zvekir as an ideal gift.

(Source: Klix.ba/ photo lakako)

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