“Zlatna Dzezva” opens the Door to other BH Products in Slovenia

November 30, 2017 1:15 PM

Among BH food products that managed to conquer the market of Slovenia and became requested in that country is Bosnian coffee.

Thus, products of BH company AS Group have been found on shelves of all major trade chains in Slovenia in the last three years, and Bosnian cafe “Zlatna Dzezva” was especially requested.

“Zlatna Dzezva” is present in all the major stores on this market, including Mercator, Interspar, Lidl, E.Leclerc, Jager… The export of AS Group’s brands in Slovenia was steadily increased in the past three years, and reactions are very positive. We should still take into consideration that our products are competing with very strong global and regional brands in the Slovenian market, according to Armin Hodzic from AS Group.

He also added that this company invested a lot in distribution and marketing in the last three years, and the sale of “Zlatna Dzezva” in the first ten months of this year is equal to last year’s total sale.

Regarding this, we expect the increase of sales of “Zlatna Dzezva” by approximately 25 % in comparison to last year. Lidl Slovenia is very pleased with the previous action that we had in October, when “Zlatna dzezva” was completely sold out within just three days, and thus we agreed on a new action next year in January. “Zlatna dzezva” opened the door to our other brands, so we are already working on the positioning of the brands “Tops”, “Vegy”, “Fruby”, “Klas dough”, “Sprind pizzas” as well as deeply-frozen products of Klas and other brands,” concluded Hodzic.

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