Zlatko Lagumdžija met with the Ambassador Patrick Moon

President of the Social-Democratic Party of BiH (SDP) Zlatko Lagumdžija met with the ambassador of the USA in BiH Patrick Moon. They discussed the current political situation in BiH, with the focus on the activities of the Council of Ministers of BiH, whose aim is to improve the economic situation and continuation of progress of BiH towards the EU and NATO.

Lagumdžija said that the agreement of six parties that form the parliamentary majority in BiH created a positive and encouraging atmosphere for the coordination, development and adoption of legal and constitutional arrangements that will provide full constitutional and institutional equality for all its citizens and will enable the implementation of necessary reforms for BiH.

Lagumdžija added that the question of reconstruction of the Government of FBiH must be solved in the shortest period possible according to the will of the current parliamentary majority in FBiH in order to unblock the functioning of executive.

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