Zlatan Ibrahimovic in “Hammarby” Football Club?


Zlatan Ibrahimovic posted on Tuesday the jersey of Sweden’s club ‘’Hammarby’’ with his name on his back on social media, and given that the 38-year-old still doesn’t have a club, everyone thought he was returning to Sweden as a footballer.

However, it will not happen, and Ibrahimovic will indeed go to ‘’Hammarby’’, but as the co-owner of this team from the Swedish capital.

‘’I agreed with ‘Hammarby’ and AEG to make this thing as global as possible. Everyone in the world must know about ‘Hammarby’. Not only in Sweden, but all around the world. Everyone needs to know about this club and when they see the club’s crest, they will say: It’s Hammarby,’’ Ibrahimovic said in an interview with Swedish Sport Bladet.

Ibrahimovic bought 50 percent of ‘’Hammarby’’ shares which are owned by the American Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). Given that AEG holds almost 50 percent of ‘’Hammarby’s’’ shares, it can be said that Ibrahimovic now owns 1/4 of the Stockholm club.

‘’I played in the Galaxy and made a good relationship with the AEG people. Now I got the opportunity to become their partner and it’s impossible to refuse, particularly when it comes to people who are so successful in the business. Besides, I am attached to Sweden and everything just aligned perfectly,’’ he said.

Ibrahimovic will come across many Balkan players in ‘’Hammarby’’. There is goalkeeper Davor Blazevic, defender Vladimir Rodic, midfielder Alexander Kacaniklic and strickers Darijan Bojanic, Nikola Djurdjic and Muamer Tankovic.

Zlatan ruled out the possibility of playing in Sweden in the future, portal reports.

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