Zenica and Tuzla’s Police will fight Corruption as Police in the United States

December 8, 2017 5:00 PM

In the Zenica Arena a training program for mentors and police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (in Bosnian: MUP) of Zenica-Doboj (ZDK) and Tuzla Canton (TK) was solemnly promoted, which will improve the training, as well as work and activities in the community.

Police Officers of the MUP of ZDK and TK will work after training according to the model of police in the United States in order to prevent corruption.

Today’s message was sent by police commissioners Semir Sut and Fadil Sljivic at a gathering that was attended by police officers, young inspectors and mentors of ZDK and TK.

“This ceremony is dedicated to promoting the program of work with newly-hired police officers. We wish that the new police officers, who are on probation, be as professional as possible, with strong integrity and ready to resist any form of corruption. This action will receive a positive response from the community. We hope that we will get effect that we have been talking about today, with the help of the manual that we created by ourselves, “ Sut explained.

Police Commissioner of the MUP TK Fadil Sljiivic pointed out that police in the TK, as well as in ZDK, will work according to the model of police in the United States.

“We hope that with this project, we will increase professionalism, speed up the reform process of the police forces and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to the EU. This program will provide us with everything that is needed to have a professional policeman, “ said Sljivic.

Today’s event was also attended by Deputy Head of the United States Embassy in BiH – Paul Horowitz, who said the US government was proud of its support for this program.

“This path, which is regulated by the training, work and police forces program in the United States, requires a great effort and the leadership of the police commissioners. Police Commissioners of ZDK and TK have developed the manuals for mentors, according to the model which is used in the United States, and it is very important to use them at the local and entity level. They create a professional police force which will fight corruption, which is one of the biggest problems in BiH, “ Horowitz explained.


(Source: Klix.ba)


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