”Žaba” in Kamerni teatar 55 on the 21st December

December 19, 2012 11:15 AM

Drama ”Žaba” will be performed on the stage of Kamerni teatar 55 on the 21st  December at 20:00 p.m.

The drama “Žaba” is a story about people of our times, the age of misunderstanding and loneliness, as well as the age of the search for love. The drama almost in a surgical way diagnoses the time in which we all live in. It brings characters that are in times of transition and in an age of changed values. The texts of the drama deals with the current issues that are similar in B&H, Croatia or Serbia.

This theater piece investigates the absence of communication and the inability of hearing different opinions. All in all, the text of the drama had an excellent hypothesis, and that is that people always search for someone to blame, instead of making changes in life. The drama “Žaba“ is based on the text of a younger generation author, Dubravko Mihanović from Zagreb, who received the ” Marin Držić” award for the best drama text in 2004.



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