Young Sarajevans Have Inspired Goals and Vision for the Year Ahead


Faris Rizvic

January is a time when people commonly set goals and ponder what they want to achieve in the year ahead. The Sarajevo Times spoke to three young Sarajevans committed to bettering themselves, doing what they love and making a difference in 2020 and beyond.

The new year has already begun, but it is not too late to begin setting goals for 2020, Personal and Executive Coach Aida Sujoldzic of Coaching By Aidatold The Sarajevo Times. “It is never too late to plan a goal…and do whatever it takes to make it happen”, Ms Sujoldzic said.

“The beginning of a new year is the moment when we first promise ourselves that we will achieve more. In order to achieve goals set in the form of a New Year’s decision, it is necessary to plan. Most people spend the least time planning…[but] a goal without a plan is only a desire,” said Coach Sujoldzic.

Twenty-one-year old Emir Cosovic, a second-year student of the Political Science faculty from Sarajevo, and President of the Young Democrats Associationis “constantly thinking about” his goals. “I find that if a person does not have a goal, that person is not defined,” he told The Sarajevo Times.  “I don’t like it when I don’t know what I’m doing,” Mr. Cosovic said. “I make small plans that fit into big plans, and that’s how I meet my goals.


Emir Cosovic, a political science student of Sarajevo, overlooking the city he wants to be a part of shaping for the better. Photograph: provided.



Mr. Cosovic, who graduated from high school in electrical engineering but chose to pursue political studies at university in order to help create a brighter future, possesses a strong vision for himself for 2020 and beyond. “A few years ago, I began my political career, which I hope I will make progress with this year. I want to be more helpful to the local community,” he told The Sarajevo Times.

Mr. Cosovic is inspired to create change in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina at large, because he believes there is more value in being an active proponent for change than being dissatisfied with unfavourable conditions.

“I think that in Bosnia and Herzegovina, more precisely Sarajevo citizens, are much more critical of the system in which they live, than they are of the desire to get involved in it and change certain things that do not suit them. I decided to be part of the system so that I can provide for myself, my family and all citizens with a better tomorrow,”  Mr. Cosovic stated.

“Most live in memories of the past, of war. I agree that we shouldn’t forget our past, but I also believe that we should work on our future by taking concrete steps in the present,” he told The Sarajevo Times.

Aside from his goals in political activism, Mr. Cosovic has several other aspirations for the year ahead. “This year I want to successfully complete my second year of study at the Faculty of Political Science and start my third year,” he said. He also plans to improve his self-care practices, explore his interest in architecture, and be a “better” brother and son.

Edina Hodzic, a 30 year old from Sarajevo, who has a degree in finance and two young children, strongly believes in self-reliance to achieve desired objectives. “Goal setting is important since, for our own happiness, the only person that has to move is yourself…we should not expect too much from others, but rather do as much as we can [ourselves],” she said.

 This year, Ms. Hodzic aims to get a job in the field of economics. “Previous years I have been committed to my children since they were small but this year I wish to start a new journey in the workforce,” she told The Sarajevo Times.

In addition to her professional objective for 2020, Ms. Hodzic also has values-based goals for the year ahead. “I wish to make people happy around me, and to not hurt anyone…I wish to give my best for my kids, for their growth and their happiness,” Ms. Hodzic stated. “We should always try to improve and do the best for our happiness and the happiness of people around us,” she said.


Mother of two and finance graduate Edina Hodzic from Sarajevo believes love and faith are the most important things in life. Photograph: Provided.


According to Coach Sujoldzic, lessons learned in the form of past experiences and even mistakes are invaluable resources that help achieve goals, and in 2019, Ms. Hodzic acquired a few. “The lessons I got from last year are that people sometimes change, people may hurt you, but you should never be like them…Find happiness in other stuff and move on from people who don’t appreciate you,” Ms. Hodzic said.

Faris Rizvic, a 17-year-old high school student and photographer from Sarajevo told The Sarajevo Times that “without valid goals we would not have a true purpose and reason to be inspired to do what we want to do”.

Last year Mr. Rizvic arrived at a significant realization that has shaped his personal goals for 2020. “I learned that I should keep pursuing this hobby of mine [photography] because it truly makes me fulfilled,” said Mr. Rizvic. Fuelled by that self-discovery, Mr. Rizvic’s goals this year all relate to photography. “I am a photographer, so my main goals include improving my skills, spreading awareness about photography and my place in it, making new connections with people from this profession, and maybe even hosting my own photography-related workshop”, he said.


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