Young People cleaned the former “Imperijal” Cinema in Sarajevo

An informal group of young people who gathered on Facebook started the action of cleaning the former “Imperijal” cinema in Sarajevo, which closed its doors 12 years ago.

They threw out all the garbage and chairs from the premises of “Imperijal” and started with large cleaning action.

The purpose of this place, which has been empty for a while, remains unknown, although some information revealed that the opening of a cultural center is planned, where will be held numerous music performances, shows and other cultural events.

To recall, the authentic look of the cinema should not be significantly changed, since it is considered as a protected monument.

“Imperijal” is the former cinema “Romanija”, which was founded back in 1915. This cinema used to be owned by the Municipality Center, and it was completely given to the Croatian Cultural Society Napredak in 2009, which is responsible for management of this place.

(Source: E. S. H./Klix.ba)






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