Young Oppositionist Drasko Stanivukovic photographed holding Chetnik Flag


Young oppositionist Drasko Stanivukovic was photographed holding a Chetnik flag in the company of two unknown men, Avaz news portal reports.

The infamous black flag that reads “With Faith in God, Liberty, or Death” was published to social networks and was created at a rally in Foca called “Awakening of Srpska”.

The photo shows a cheerful and smiling Stanivukovic, who is posing next to the flag.

This is not the first time that “young opposition hopes” from Republika Srpska entity have glorified Chetniks.

Jelena Trivic also recently praised Draza Mihajlovic, a Chetnik leader from WWII.

“Draza’s patriotism can still be a guiding star today. Those who are declared traitors often become national heroes. His statement is famous: “The word capitulation doesn’t exist for me”, Trivic wrote on Facebook last October.



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