Young Jasmin Elezovic revived an old Craft in Mostar!

October 2, 2017 12:15 PM

Jasmin Elezovic from Mostar is one of the very few young men who, after more than two decades, managed to revive the craft that his parent’s nurtured and that was interrupted by war, in the old town core and he managed to become a recognizable roaster and promoter of coffee, which tourists, after learning what real “cejf (satisfaction)” is, are happy to carry to their homes all around the world.

The family craft of traditional coffee processing, which was interrupted by war, was always nurtured in the Elezovic family, with the dream that the coffee smell would once again spread tough the city from their roaster one day.

The best proof of this is, as young Jasmin noted, the fact that the equipment was preserved despite pushing it from cellar to cellar for years. Despite the economic difficulties that the family got through, they never sold the roaster, but they were waiting for the best time to roast the coffee beans in it once again.

Jasmin admits that in the period when people are leaving the country massively while looking for a job, it was not easy to start a business in Mostar, but he decided to continue with the family business and conquer the sense of taste and smell of people from various parts of the world with his pre-war coffee with the help of parents and the possession of family roaster.

Since it is based in the old town and the tourist center of Mostar, he prepared a program that is interesting to tourists, so he is happy to show them the process of coffee processing, from frying and grinding to the very preparation of beverage in which many people enjoy as in the drinking itself – which is why he has prepared a special training for his guests.

Besides numerous tourists, there is an increasing number of citizens of Mostar who come to his place to get coffee and ‘cejf’, but also to bring the carefully fried and ground grains to their homes for enjoyment.

“We have such a city and we live in such an area that we can succeed here if we want to,” stated this young Mostar coffee maker, whose main goal is to create a network between high school students and craftsmen and return crafts to the city on Neretva, because he thinks that in Mostar, which is a tourist town, crafts cannot die out if there are some will and effort.

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