Young Bosnian developed a System that solves the Problem of Liquidity of our Economy

April 8, 2018 1:00 PM

“The economy needs to help itself, and we are offering it a right tool for it,” is the motto of a young lawyer Dragana Parmac, who developed a system for solving a serious problem of liquidity in our, but not just in our, economy.

“We could not watch the economy suffering, and we wanted to create a system that will help it. Our economy is not liquid, just like many others. The period of collecting funds can be long, often because someone did not make a payment to you. We want to motivate the economy to help itself in a way to use the system that fits the individual,” said Dragana Parmac.

“We will release an application on our website soon, and business subjects will be able to sign up and enter their claims and obligations. A lot of time is needed to prepare and create an application, and it is very complex and represents a result of work of an entire team of great software engineers and accounting experts. System is currently based on the FBiH, and we are planning the expansion soon,” stated Parmac.

Her start-up “Rollsoft” was established last summer, and they are currently in the phase of introducing business subjects with this option, which is a tool on their disposal.

“We have the heuristic algorithm in the core of the system, and it was developed abroad specifically for this purpose. This is an algorithm that cannot be theoretically tested, but it only works on” live “data,” said Dragana.

The full implementation of this system would release the private internal debt, whose value was estimated at 10 billion EUR.

“It is an enormous potential and even bigger problem, especially when you compare the amount of the budget of the entity or state. The ideal system would include budgets, public companies, municipalities and cantons. However, everything would not be completed even then, since many subjects are doing business abroad. We are sure that we can help our economy,” said this young lawyer.

Dragana Parmac was born in Mostar, and she studied law in Zagreb. Later, she returned to her hometown, worked on the liquidity of a bank for several years, as well as in the law firm and notary office, and after that she started a comprehensive project that could help the process of revitalization of our economy.

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