Yellow Meteo Alert issued for Parts of Bosnia

A yellow meteo alarm has been set for several areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to heavy rainfall and wind. Heavier precipitation of 30 to 40 mm, locally up to 50 mm in 24 hours, as well as in some places increased wind with gusts higher than 11 m / s (40 km / h) are forecast for the Trebinje and Foca region, the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute of BiH stated.

In some places, more abundant precipitation of 20-30 mm, in the south of the region up to 40 mm during 24 hours, and in some places stronger wind with gusts higher than 11 m / s (40 km / h) is a characteristic that will prevail in the Banja Luka region.

At the same time, the expected amount of precipitation between 20 and 30 l / m2 is forecasted for the Mostar and Visegrad area, which is why a yellow meteorological alarm was issued.

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