Year after the Train Collision Accident, No Results of the Investigation

Twelve months have passed since the fatal collision of two trains near the city of Jablanica, in which three employees of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Railways were killed and those responsible have not yet announced the results of the investigation into the case.

The day after the accident, the FBiH Railways said that upon completion of the investigation into this tragic accident, the BiH public will be informed of all final and relevant information.

This has not happened yet, and an internal investigation conducted by the company ended late last year.

Everyone is still waiting for the competent cantonal prosecutor’s office. It was considered that the formal investigation should be completed within six months, but this did not happen.

All scenarios that appeared in the public, and there were dozens of them, can be classified into two groups, a technical error has occurred or the human factor.

The accident happened on August 22nd, when two railway wagons collided, in 18-wagon locomotive there was H. K. (1983) and J. Ć. (1969), from Sarajevo, and in a 36-wagon locomotive, B. J. (1968) and F. T. (1971), also from Sarajevo.

The killed persons were J. Ć. and F. T., while H.K. got serious life-threatening injuries. The injured driver died ten days later at the Sarajevo University Clinical Center, while a fourth B. J., jumped out just before the collision and saved his life, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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