Works on Vertical Transportation on Bjelasnica Mountain soon to be completed?

October 18, 2017 8:30 AM

Works on the vertical transportation on Bjelasnica will be completed soon. There will be a trial ride of a six-seater and a four-seater as well as the operation of artificial snowing, and it will depend on weather conditions when the winter ski season will start, according to the Manager of Marketing Sector at ZOI 84, Amra Kaljic.

The largest technical works are currently taking place on the four-seater station, while the final phase of assembly is conducted at the very top of Bjelasnica.

“The six-seater and four-seater stations will be colored in blue and white, while the seats will be black. They will be monochromatic and we believe that many people will like them,” said Kaljic.

She also noted that this year’s winter ski season could start earlier if the weather conditions permit it, considering that Bjelasnica now has artificial snowing systems.

On the trails will be 30 new and 7 old snow guns. The condition for their efficient operation is that the temperature is below 0 °C.

The renovation of a complete electro distribution network has been completed. Three new transformer stations were built, and more than 6 kilometers of new cables have been laid in order for the new infrastructure to work without problems. All of the old infrastructure, which was built in the early 1980’s, has been renovated.



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