”Worker’s chronicle” at the National Theater of RS

February 6, 2013 8:56 PM

The drama ”Worker’s chronicle” has a certain element of a documentary drama. It talks about the contemporary social situation that is being reported by the media, namely the long lasting strike of the workers of a factory that has gone bankrupt in their attempt to change their current owners. The author of this drama Petar Mihajlović talks with an element of compassion, understanding and irony about the daily and current social event.

He also notices an important paradox that people stuck in these kinds of social conflicts do not have their own identity, although each and every one of them carries a specific personal drama. The workers are only distinguished by their number and years spent working at the factory. The main protagonist or the ”main worker” designates the prominent concept of an Everyman. They all only differ in what they do not understand and all of them are dependent on their social status in the aforementioned social conflict.

The director of this theatrical piece is Ane Đorđević. The acting cast consists of Branko Janković, Zlatan Vidović, Miljka Brđanin Babić, Sandra Ljubojević, Goran Jokić, Željko Erkić and Anja Stanić. The drama will be performed at the National Theater of RS on the 8th of February at 20:00 p.m.

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