Woman from Dalmatia about Tourists: Bosnians are my favorite Guests

A writer from Makarska Dada Batinic described experiences of citizens of Croatia with tourists from various countries on her Facebook, and her humorous status quickly became a great hit on this social network.

“Bosnians, my favorite guests, always bring at least one person more than it can fit in the car. How they pass the border, remains unknown. They pop out with a smile as soon as they park as if they haven’t traveled for 5, 6, 7 or 8 hours at these crazy temperatures. They stopped in Jablanica on their way and brought you some barbecue meat, then in Blagaj and bought you some hurmasica (traditional dessert with walnuts), then in Metkovic where they bought some nectarine marmalade they wanted to take home but they give it to you anyway because they like you. They kiss and hug you even though you just met. They reserved the place for 7 days but they spend all the money by tomorrow. Sad and unhappy, they start packing their things as well as their cousin whom they met that morning on the beach, he came just for a day, but you decide to give them 5 days for free. To their cousin as well.”

“You become best friends and you will spend your winter holidays at their place, of course.  When you return home they ask you how are you doing all the time, and you ask them only when are you planning to come to visit. When you talk about them to your friends, you mention them as annoying people who are constantly going on your nerves, and when they talk about you to their friends, every one of them thinks you are so cool and they add you on Facebook. You conclude that you are limited by the Dalmatian mentality and you are disgusted by yourself in the period from October 1 to June 1,” as stated in the Facebook post.

“The French, as soon as they come, write down all things that they will complain about in order to get a refund. You immediately pay them 100 EUR just not to be bothered by every little thing. You rent the apartment with their money and return when they leave.”

“If Germans said that they will arrive on Saturday at 10 AM, the highway was probably closed due to a storm. You speak to them officially, as they do, and as if you came to the municipality to arrange some paperwork. You look at each other in a bit cold manner, with some misunderstanding, you’re afraid that something is maybe wrong with you, and they are bothered if you ask them how they are. After that, you will not see them anymore and you will not hear from them.”

Her post was liked almost 9,000 times and shared over 4,000 times.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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