Without Agreement on Formation of New FBiH Government, the Discussion continues on Sunday

FBiH Government (Pouzdano)Leaders of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Democratic Front (DF) did not agreed on the formation of the new Government of FBiH at the meeting last night.

Last week, leaders announced yesterday’s discussion as a possible agreement on the federal government, the president of DF, Zeljko Komsic told to the reporters that he did not want to say what the problem was in yesterday’s meeting “because it should not at this moment complicate things”. Party leaders said they did not talk about distribution of ministerial portfolios in future government, but on the number of ministries which should belong to each of the parties.

Deputy President of SDA, Bakir Izetbegovic said that his party was ready to give one ministry so eight ministries to switch to seven, while the leader of HDZ, Covic repeated what is already known in public that his party is still looking for six ministries.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Croatian National Congress (HNS) , HDZ BiH and other parties with Croatian sign.

(Source: Novovrijeme/ photo pouzdano)

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