“My Wish is for another Raza to come after me”

Razija Mujanovic, the best female basketball player of the former Yugoslavia, was named the best player of Europe three times, won the title of club champion of the Old Continent five times, and for N1 she spoke about being inducted into the Hall of Fame, her career and why she is not in the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“Of course it means to me as much as it means to every athlete. I’m glad to have entered the Hall of Fame, especially considering the fact that I’m the first player from our area to enter the Hall of Fame. The first and only female basketball player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Mujanovic said in N1.

In addition to Mujanovic, Toni Kukoc (Croatia), Shaquille O’Neal (USA), Mickey Berkowitz (Israel), Pero Cameron (New Zealand), Valdis Valters (Latvia) were also inducted in the 2017.

Beside them, Dusan Ivkovic (Serbia) and the original “Dream Team” were included as well as the coach, who won the gold medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. At the reception, Razija thanked her team-mates and the entire team.

“I think this is a collective sport. Teamwork was very important because I, as an individual, regardless of my quality – if I did not have my teammates, as well as, of course, good trainers, and my family that supported me during my entire career – I certainly would not have been able to achieve such great results,” Mujanovic said.

She pointed out that she would be very happy if a new Raza would appear in the coming years, saying that although the beginning was not easy, it was a success with effort and commitment and with good trainers.


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