The Winter touristic Season is opened on Vlasic

The winter touristic season in Central Bosnia Canton (CBC) was officially opened on Friday on Vlasic, and visitors had the opportunity to taste free beans, tea and boiled wine, provided by the hoteliers and the CBC Tourism Association, while rich fun-music program was expected last night and tonight.

CBC Tourism Association Director, Miroslav Matosevic, wished all the tourism emloyees in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) a successful season, emphasizing that the strengthening of individual destinations presents a journey towards the strengthening of BiH touristic brand.

“Guests come in a large number on Vlasic, so we expect great visitation, and the ski slopes Babanovac and Markovac have been opened yesterday, “ said Feni Matosevic, stressing that the seasonal  ambulance in Babanovac, as well as the tourist information center started to work. Also, there are new facilities such as a supermarket, a self-service restaurant and a disco at the central plateau.

Entertainment on Vlasic continued with the concert of the group “Plavi orkestar” and singer Dzenan Loncarevic, within the traditional event “Shankanje.”

When it comes to the situation in other CBC ski resorts, Matosevic said that the ski center Pridolci in Busovaca has also started to work, and on December 27th or December 28th  it is planned to open trails in ski centers in Rostovo, Busovacka planina and Vranica, while the Radusa and Ranca ski resorts are waiting for new snowfall.


(Source: Akta.ba)


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